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Enterprise Data Management Lead

Reference IDEnterprise Data Management Lead

Job description

We need a data expert! This brand new role will provide a data expert with the opportunity to help this growing organization utilize their data to ultimately elevate the business. This role is a great fit for someone who likes to "take and run with things" and who enjoys sharing recommendations with business leaders.

Role Responsibilities

  • Manage data integration and transformation across disparate third party solutions and custom applications residing in public and private cloud environments
  • Clearly determine/evangelize the source of truth for various data elements and preferred analytic/reporting approaches
  • Ensure data consistency and integrity as it moves across the enterprise
  • Provide technical ownership of a consolidated repository aggregating data from a variety of internal and external sources
  • Incorporate processes, policies, guidelines and responsibilities for administering the organization’s entire data set in compliance with business and/or regulatory obligations
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders in ensuring there are documented procedures and guidelines for data access and use 

Role Qualifications

  • Extensive experience designing and developing ETL/data integration processes/programs
  • Prior experience in multiple of the following roles:  Data Analyst, Development DBA, Data Architect, Data Manager, Data Steward
  • Strong understanding of the SQL Server technology stack:  DBMS, SSIS, SSAS, SQL Server Service Broker, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to thoroughly understand a business domain and the interaction of its business processes with data entities/elements.
  • Understanding of object relational mapping implementation via Hibernate.
  • Both Relational and XML based design experience.  Non-relational (NoSQL) experience a plus.
  • Application and database performance tuning experience. 
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